Review: Bell & Flower for Brunch in Chagrin Falls

A review of Bell & Flower. Ahhhh, going out to eat. Remember that?! I thought I’d take us back to a time earlier this fall when I brunched at Bell & Flower in Chagrin Falls. My goal is to continue to find ways to spotlight and support our favorite spots; I hope by reading this, that I can persuade you to stop in and purchase a gift card or order from their online takeout. I recently saw a post online that said, “If just half the population of Northeast Ohio purchased 3 $20 gift cards to local establishments, we could inject over $10 million into our communities!”

Bell and Flower Brunch Menu

Southern-inspired cooking. An extensive cocktail menu. That cozy exposed brick interior. These are just some of the things that always bring me back to Bell & Flower. Before the snow hit, I was able to take in a brunch at this cute spot in Chagrin Falls. Their courtyard patio was spaced properly, but I still felt it was intimate. I didn’t need long with the menu because we were there for one reason only – their fried chicken! Do yourself a favor and pencil in their chicken and biscuits and hot chicken eggs benedict for your next Sunday brunch to-go. Throw in some blood orange margaritas, and you’ve got yourself a perfect base to start cheering on the Browns to another :knocks on wood: victory. 

Quick note – right now, you’ll receive a $10 bonus gift card with every $50 gift card purchase. You can also place your to-go order online directly from their website

Bell and Flower Cocktail Menu
Review: Bell & Flower for Brunch in Chagrin Falls

This experience was a Sunday Brunch where I was accompanied by my friends! I love having company when I go to try places out, I just makes me feel so much better. They do have a courtyard patio (It didn’t look super fancy to me, but if it’s a nice day it would be cute) we sat inside cuz it was chilly Since it was Sunday, you bet as a Cleveland natives we had to leave in time for the Browns Game! I arrived around 11am and it seemed to be pretty slow, I didn’t notice too many people here. The service we got as a group was pretty good – they were attentive and kept an eye out for us.

The drinks didn’t take long to come, perfect!


They were still in their summer cocktail menu. I ordered a blood orange marg and it was bomb. Totally notable. I enjoyed it so much. My friend ordered the “purple drank” and it tasted like grape Kool-Aid you’d drink growing up.

Bell and Flower Cocktails

Bell & Flower is very well known for its chicken and biscuits. Some friends got Chicken and waffles. I basically tried a ton of stuff so that I’d know what was up with the brunch My Opinion was the best thing on the brunch menu was the chicken and biscuits Big chicken tenders with ancho honey drizzle with this sweeter butter inside the biscuits Really fresh, soft on the inside… and crispy chicken, not overly battered. It was simple, but it was just so good. Just seriously dip the whole thing in butter.