A Review of The Fairmount

Keep The Cocktails FLOWWWING!! The Fairmount used to be one of my favorite places ever… I used to go there once a week when I lived nearby. I haven’t been in a few months and I recently went with a friend to this Cleveland Heights gem. Let me tell you, it reminded me exactly why I have been obsessed with this place. It is just SO good. We sat on the patio and the cocktails were FA-LOWWWING! Since COVID they’ve had to really adapt, and they’ve done it so well. They’re now open for dine-in, continuing their strong takeout service, and are taking really good care of people. They also have amazing daily specials that you’ve got to try out. Warning, rave reviews ahead!

The Fairmont was VERY COVID Safe. You have to wear masks anytime you’re not at your table. They had the plexiglass sliders at the bar so you could sit without coming in contact with the other patrons. The tables were spaced out well. It totally felt safe and fine. They even had a QR Code on the table that you can scan with your phone to pull up the menu! They’re doing a great job and they have been during the entire pandemic. They’ve really been a leader in how to handle restaurant business responsibly during such a delicate time.

The service was absolutely impeccable. They greeted us right away. Drinks took 5 minutes, food came out in 10 minutes. They have live music on the patio during the weekends. Zero complaints in this department.

fairmount padio dining

I was really mostly there for the cocktails so we just got some finger foods; Everything was really good though! We ordered the Buffalo Tempura Cauliflower and Bacon Rosemary Fries… honestly, both were bomb. The Buffalo Cauliflower was made with rainbow cauliflower, sage ale gorgonzola spread, and scallions. Yeah! Just say “sage ale gorgonzola spread” to me slowly! For the fries, you’d think “Oh, cheese fries? Whatever!” but NO! These were just so light and flavorful and tasty… topped with gouda béchamel, bacon lardons, toasted rosemary. Decadent. You need to eat this. All the starters there are $8-12 dollars so you’re getting great quality and good portions for a really decent price. And it’s also worth noting that they have a vegan/vegetarian menu too!

You may be thinking… “You had me a Bacon Rosemary Fries on a patio!” but wait, there’s more! The drinks are the real reason to come here. Every drink they make is made so thoughtfully and tastes so good! I ordered the Spiced Watermelon Margarita ($12). It was delicious! They made it with their hot pepper-infused tequila (which is what they make their famously tasty Verdita Shot with) mixed with watermelon puree, mint, citrus, and simple syrup. Just a really solid, flavorful drink. I loved it.

My friend ordered the patio special cocktail: The Burning Book ($12), a spicy twist to the Hemingway Daiquiri. It was made with Bacardi Rum, grapefruit, lime, and a house-made cherry habanero syrup. Served in a coupe glass, it was really a beautiful drink.

We had the best time there on the patio and would recommend this place to literally anyone! It’s so incredible and they excel in everything they do. They take pride in their drinks and they do a really good job.

Drinks were perfect. Food was great. Atmosphere was lovely. It wasn’t overly crowded but it was busy. They just do it right. If you want a good cocktail, just go there. It’s so good.