A Review of Southside in Tremont

When you ask people about places they love in Tremont, you’re always going to hear Southside
listed among the top picks. I went a few weeks ago for Happy Hour and it was just ok. I’ve been
there a number of times and usually sit at the bar but this time we sat on the patio and the vibe
seemed kind of off. There were some things I really enjoyed and others that felt a little weird. Here’s
a little more about my experience.

Alissa toasting a friend at the Southside in Tremont

They did a pretty good job making things COVID Safe. There were partitions at the bar, the tables were spread out, the outdoor patio was spacious, the staff wore masks, and they used an online menu so you don’t touch physical menus. I felt safe and comfortable being there.

So, we weren’t really greeted by a hostess when we walked in. It was confusing and kind of started us off on the wrong foot. The vibe was a little off from the get go. Once we were seated we had to wait a long time before we were greeted at our table or had our drink orders taken. It’s a very cute space – I love their little patio. The atmosphere is good but the interactions I had there took me out of the moment.

I ordered a Blood Orange Margarita and it was really good! Just a simple drink, not too sweet. I liked it. Everyone else in my group seemed to enjoy their drinks too. I’ve never really had a bad experience with drinks there, and it’s always very reasonably priced ($6-10 cocktails). They also offer a couple of $6 Happy Hour cocktail specials.

Alissa enjoying a bite to eat at Southside in tremont

Everyone in the group ordered different things. We were there for happy hour so we mostly ate lighter bites. Their menu features a few Happy Hour flatbreads and calamari too. I just got a chicken caesar salad. I hate to say this… It was not a great experience. It was in a to-go box (no one else’s was in a to-go box). It honestly looked like a pre-made salad I would pick up in an airport. There was a small side of dressing on the side, not mixed in (I did not ask for it on the side). I was pretty confused by this because it seemed so out of place and it’s hard to mess up a chicken caesar.

Alissa enjoying drinks at Southside in Tremont

One of my friends got tacos, one got a black bean burger, someone got fat kid nachos with pulled pork and chorizo… they all enjoyed their food. We ordered cheese fries for the table and it was really good.
Overall, everyone was wine with their food, but not super excited about anything in particular.

So, like I said, I’ve been to Southside a lot – this just felt like an off day, maybe? The service was sub-par – it was slow when we were there and they could have been more attentive to our table for sure. When I go there I usually sit at the bar and I feel like the service is good – the bartenders have always been good!

This time, it wasn’t a bad experience but it was just a little weird from the moment we walked in. I’m hoping it was just an off day for them.