Ramen Season in Northeast Ohio

We’re officially in ramen season in Northeast Ohio; cold, blustery days absolutely calls for some warm, silky, rich ramen takeout. And now we’re in luck. Flour’s Chef David Chin started Mr. Chin’s Ramen – a ghost kitchen serving ramen for takeout and delivery Tuesdays – Thursdays.

On the menu – David has three ramen entrees and four delicious sides to choose from. Naturally, I had a craving and wanted to try all of the items one recent weeknight. For those who are close to the east side location – Flour has their own delivery service and you can call the restaurant directly to place the order. This was the fastest method for me, but you could also use door-dash or Toast delivery services.

Flour’s Ramen

I would love a steamy, unctuous bowl poured directly from a pot at a sit-down establishment, but this takeout is the next best thing. The broth is packaged separately from the noodles and when my order arrived I took the time to reheat them. I ordered the pork (chashu) ramen with miso broth and the beef ramen with Szechuan broth. I loved the pork belly in the chashu ramen, but the flavor of the broth in the beef ramen was the real MVP here. Simply amazing and exactly what I was craving. Also, they nailed the perfectly cooked eggs included in the bowls. Now that is a hard task to master; especially with delivery.

There’s a vegetarian ramen option as well – and don’t forget to try their sides: Togarashi fries, boneless chicken wings, cucumber salad and shishito peppers.