What's Sauced by Sunday About?

Hello and welcome, I'm Alissa.

I have a passion for artful cooking, traveling, and exploring the best spots in Ohio. I’m lucky to live in The Land, Cleveland, Ohio, and I take advantage of all the magnificent food, drinks, and energy the city has to offer! I have a passion for finding the best foods in the area I'm from!

I'm also into traveling and creating my own recipes to share with friends and family. Along with the videos you can find here or on YouTube, I will also post my own travel stories and recipes from time to time. My goal is to inform, inspire, and hopefully enterain people with the content I create.


Hi, I’m Alissa! The face behind Sauced By Sunday! I am based in Ohio but LOVE to travel and eat my way through cool places all over the country and world! Not only do I love to go to local Ohio eateries, but you can also always find me in the kitchen whipping up new recipes to share for you and your family and friends!


Meet Sophie! My four-legged best girlfriend who always has my back. She enjoys long walks and loves to wait for scraps to fall when I’m cooking.

What you can find here!